May 2011

Welcome to Miners of Tomorrow, a look at how past recipients of Mintec scholarships are faring today. Jerad Hughes is studying for his Master's degree at Colorado School of Mines. After his freshman year he decided to major in mining engineering. He received a Mintec scholarship in 2009-10 and is currently teaching two undergraduate laboratories for mine plant design and rock mechanics. He is also involved in data analysis for experimental cutter head design at CSM in collaboration with German mechanized tunneling company Herrenknecht.

Jerad Hughes

School life sounds busy: What do you hope to do post-degree?
I hope to use my Master's degree as a springboard into mine management. I would like to work at mines and on projects around the world while I am young and broaden my knowledge of the mining industry.

How did the scholarship come about? Did you apply or were you picked?
The mining department chooses the recipients of the scholarships. As I was the only student in the department who was familiar with MineSight at the time, and because I taught a semester of it to undergrads as part of underground mine design, I was chosen.

Did it pay for tuition, courses, living expenses? Presumably it helped in the midst of student loans, etc. Presumably it helps in the midst of student loans, etc.
The scholarship was used to pay for tuition as I am an out-of-state student and a resident of Arizona. This small fact makes CSM impossible to pay for by one’s self.

Do you use MineSight at CSM?
Yes, we use MineSight at CSM. It is used for both undergrad and graduate underground and surface mine design. A large percentage of seniors in the mining department use MineSight in their senior design projects, which means that there is always someone to help answer questions.

What attracted you to a career in mining?
I was raised a liberal and an environmentalist by my family in Flagstaff, Arizona. The mining industry, demographically speaking, is more conservative. I thought it would be an adventure. Furthermore, I like to optimize problems and seek inventive solutions. The mining industry seems to be a great place to do both of these things. I am also very interested in a management career in the mining industry; go from mine site to mine site and hopefully see some of the world in the process.

What are your life ambitions beyond career (family? travel?)
Ambitions are to travel and see the world while I am young and have relatively few responsibilities that keep me in one place. I would like to work on a variety of mine sites that all have unique challenges and solutions. While I am not working, I would like to experience cultures different from what I have become accustomed to in the United States. See new places and meet interesting people; that pretty much sums it up.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
When I am not working I am building computers or just being social. I like the company of my friends and the relaxation of socializing. Besides that, I am your average CSM student; computers, gaming, and homework.

What’s fun to do in Golden?
Nothing really - it is quite a dull place. Around Golden though, I enjoy going to Colorado Symphony Orchestra performances and concerts at Red Rocks. I also like to drive the twisting mountain passes that are around here in the Rocky Mountains.

What’s in your iPod?
I do not own an iPod. I am an audiophile and do not enjoy the poor bitrate of an MP3. But music-wise, I am a fan of classical.

What’s the last book you read for pleasure?
Bugles and a Tiger, by John Masters. It is about the occupation of India by the British between the two world wars.

Your top three dinner guests, dead or alive?
I have no clue, but if I did have to take a gander: Mikhail Gorbachev, Franklin Roosevelt, and Georg Bauer, author of De re metallica.