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  • MineSight is making it easier for acQuire users to import, visualize and edit drillhole data in MineSight Torque, the go-to software for managing drillhole, blasthole and other sample data.

    Clients could always visualize drillhole data from acQuire by using MineSight 3D, but editing that data was restricted and it could not be directly used for geomodeling processes, such as compositing and interpolations.

    Importing the data into MineSight Torque eliminates those limitations and allows storage of composited data coverages within the database - not as a separate file.

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  • Hexagon officially acquired MineSight July 3, unleashing a whole new world of opportunities for clients.

    “This acquisition opens a whole new world as we jointly develop product and services for the mining industry,” said MineSight Chairman and Founder, Fred Banfield. “MineSight clients will see absolutely no decrease in the delivery of our software or service.

    “In fact we will leverage off of Hexagon’s global presence to increase product, integration and services into new markets and new technologies.”

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  • MineSight continues to tackle the challenges presented by complex geology with today’s release of MineSight Dynamic Unfolding. As well as offering better grade estimation when dealing with folding and deformation, MineSight Dynamic Unfolding’s simple inputs and straightforward auditing tools allow modelers to represent grade distribution with confidence.

    “This is unique technology - no one else offers a product like this,” said MineSight Vice President-Technical, Glenn Wylde. “As the industry explores and mines more complex deposits, MineSight software grows to accommodate that complexity."

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  • The University of MineSight is taking one of its most popular courses global. Web Live is a one- to two-hour web workshop that teaches clients how to execute common mining tasks more effectively with MineSight. Now MineSight clients everywhere can choose from a wide range of Web Live courses. On Tuesdays and Thursdays via MineSight Tucson and London offices, the University of MineSight will offer one class three times a day, scheduled to accommodate numerous time zones.

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  • Introducing MineSight Planner

    Speed and functionality define MineSight Planner, MineSight newest tool for calculating reserves and generating plans. Released today, MineSight Planner builds on the success of MineSight Interactive Planner, itself the cornerstone of hundreds of successful mines worldwide. MineSight Planner delivers the same functionality of Interactive Planner, but in a completely new and intuitive interface.

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  • See the smarter solution

    MineSight software is built on more than 40 years of developing models and mine plans for hundreds of projects worldwide. MineSight continues to develop software based on the varied demands of the global mining industry. Below or above ground, MineSight improves productivity at every step.

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