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  • HxM Surveyor from Hexagon Mining is a one-stop shop for the core functionality needed daily by surveyors. Enjoy a range of programs designed to process all data produced by varied survey operations. The HxM Surveyor suite comprises HxM Surveyor Office and HxM Surveyor Adjust - tools that work in cohesion to streamline collection, adjustment, optimization, validation, and manipulation of all data dealt with by surveyors. Used together, Adjust and Office offer a complete, integrated software solution, covering any survey job, no matter the scale.

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  • Hexagon Mining brings precision and dependability to one of mining’s most challenging steps with a new drill and blast management utility. HxM Blast revolutionizes the design and execution of drill and blast plans from within MineSight 3D. Within a single interface, design drill patterns, apply blasting parameters to holes and tie in the shot. Getting the blast right benefits other mining processes, and HxM Blast – which is set to replace MineSight’s Blast Pattern Editor - will give you much more control over the design, management and reporting of drilling patterns.

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  • Learn more about how MineSight can improve your productivity via MineSight videos. Find helpful product previews and demonstrations, featuring our lead product managers. Our clients speak first-hand about the difference MineSight makes at their mines. MineSight’s unparalleled service, training and support are also covered along with our MineQuest seminars.

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  • Today it’s critical that professionals involved in the evaluation of mineral deposits understand geostatistics. That’s why MineSight’s three-day course, Estimating Resources Using Basic Geostatistics, is in demand. It’s one of many University of MineSight classes taught around the world by Hexagon Mining’s mine planning specialists. Choose from numerous dates at a location near you. Find out more!

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